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Laser Removal

Laser removal using leading laser technology is without doubt the best method for removing your unwanted tattoo. It is however very important that you choose the best practitioner to undertake this type of procedure. When deciding on who to use make sure you consider the following:


With new laser removal businesses starting up every week you must understand how important experience is when removing tattoos. The procedure involves the use of a class 4 laser that in the wrong hands can cause irreparable damage to your skin. If you allow someone without extensive training and experience to carry out this procedure you are taking a big risk.

All the Tattoo Laser Removal consultants have considerable experience having treated thousands of clients. We never use inexperienced assistants like a lot of our competitors.

Licensing and Insurance

Always ensure that the practitioner is licensed by the local authority and is fully insured as there are a lot of businesses operating without these basic requirements.
Along with start up companies we hear of mobile laser removal services and treatments being offered from private homes, clearly these individuals will not be licensed so avoid at all costs.

Laser Removal Maintenance

Without regular maintenance lasers will quickly lose there effectiveness, the main issues being alignment and mirror inspection, so it is very important that your practitioner regularly services their laser. A lot of clinics do very few treatments and therefore overlook maintenance issues this means their clients receive ineffective treatments wasting their money.

All the lasers have maintenance contracts ensuring you always receive the best treatments.

Type of Laser

The market has been flooded with cheap lasers with a large number coming from China. These lasers are of very poor quality and most do not meet european standards. Always check the type of laser to be used otherwise you could be taking a big risk.

We use the renowned Hoya Conbio Medlite C6 laser.

Alternative Treatments

When researching laser removal you will find alternative processes advertised, here is our overview of the most common. (Also including Scalp Pigmentation Removal)

Rejuvi Non – Laser Removal

This process involves the injection of cream into the tattooed areas creating a thick scab drawing the ink out of the skin. Whilst this treatment successfully removes the ink there is a very high risk of keloid scarring, in fact every month new clients come to us having suffered scarring from this treatment.

Laser Removal Creams

These creams advertised on the internet, from our experience, do not work, you either get no reaction what so ever or the cream is so acidic it damages the skin before having an effect on the tattoo.

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