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Scalp pigmentation

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Scalp Pigmentation Removal

Scalp Pigmentation Removal, The Tattoo Removal Experts specialise in the removal of scalp micro pigmentation using laser technology. For this type of treatment the choice of practitioner is extremely important as only the very best results are acceptable. They must be, not only experienced, but have the best laser for the removal of scalp pigmentation.

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Scalp Pigmentation Removal Proven Method

At the Tattoo Removal Experts we are highly experienced at this type of ink removal and understand how to produce the ultimate results for our clients. The wrong choice of wavelength, spot size or power could have a dramatic impact on the quality of the end result. Our methods are tried and tested which means you can always be confident with the quality of our service.

When removing ink from the face and head it is imperative that you are using the correct laser technology. With the majority of customers having darker skin types, fitzpatrick 4-6, protecting the natural pigmentation in the skin is a major factor. This is why a Nd-yag laser should always be used. The 1064nm wavelength penetrates deeper and is kinder to the scalp pigmentation of the skin than any other wavelength. However you need to have the best Nd-yag laser and we do, the Medlite C6 is renowned for the quality of its laser delivery and we believe it to be the industry leading laser for scalp pigmentation removal.

Scalp Pigmentation Removal Treatments

From our experience the number of treatments required can vary quite markedly. It is not unusual for one treatment to completely clear the ink then for another client it can take 4-5 treatments. Our belief is that the type of ink used is the major factor, something that is impossible to see and you only learn after starting treating the scalp pigmentation.

The prices we charge for these Scalp Pigmentation Removal treatments are highly competitive, you can receive an accurate quotation and advice by calling 020 8419 8124 and talking to one of our consultants. We charge our best prices on a treatment by treatment basis so there is no need for an up front payment.