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Tattoo fading cover ups

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Tattoo Fading For Cover-ups

The Tattoo Removal Experts specialise in tattoo fading to enable newly designed artwork to be inked over the area. The quality of tattoo art has improved incredibly over the last twenty years offering highly detailed unique designs this has tempted lots of individuals to renew their tattoos. This is a rapidly growing area of our business due to top tattooists in London sending their clients to us along with clients and recommendations contacting us directly. We are particularly proud of the business we receive from tattooists as these businesses have very high standards and would only recommend the best companies so as not to damage their own reputation.

tattoo fading and cover upsThe primary goal when tattoo fading is to lighten the ink sufficiently to allow the usually more detailed tattoo to be inked on top without it negatively impacting on the look of the new tattoo. Sometimes it is only the black ink that needs to be faded as the lighter colours are more easily covered.

The tattoo fading we undertake range from the tiny tattoo on the wrist to clients that are looking to renew all the tattoos on their bodies. It is not unusual for a client to have new designs tattooed whilst we are fading down further tattoos on other areas. If a client has large or multiple tattoos to lighten we advise a treatment plan and offer very competitive costs, the best prices in London.

Tattoo fading Treatments

tattoo fadingThe number of treatments required varies tremendously, quite often one session can be sufficient whilst on other more stubborn tattoos over six treatments can be required. This is dependent on both the old tattoo, the design of the new tattoo and the type of ink to be removed.

We recommend our clients to talk to their tattooist first before starting the fade down to determine which areas and colours need to be worked on to ensure the best result. Then to keep in contact with the tattooist after treatments so they can advice when the area has been sufficiently lightened, this can save considerable time and money.

The way we charge for our services works perfectly for clients looking to fade down their tattoos as we charge on a treatment by treatment basis, so when your tattoo is faded sufficiently you are never committed to further treatments. Not only that, we charge our best most competitive prices on a single treatment basis unlike the majority of our competitors.

If you are considering renewing your tattoos you can call and discuss your requirements with one of our consultants on 020 8419 8124. They will give you an accurate quotation and will be happy to answer all your questions.

Tattoo Fading by Tattoo Removal Experts