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Tattoo removal cost

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Tattoo Removal Cost

Tattoo Removal Cost, The Tattoo Removal Experts specialise in the removal of all tattoos using industry leading laser technology. Our goal is to make the process of fully removing tattoos large or small affordable for everyone. In fact the larger the tattoo or the more tattoos you require removing the better our prices become. Unlike many other clinics we offer our best prices on a treatment by treatment basis which means you do not have to commit an upfront payment to get the lowest tattoo removal cost.

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Quotation over the phone

You do not need to come to a consultation to receive an accurate quotation for the tattoo removal cost. When you call us on 020 8419 8124 our consultants will provide you with an accurate treatment price and answer any questions you might have regarding the process.

Tattoo Removal London have been removing tattoos using laser technology in Chiswick West London for over five years and have hundreds of satisfied customers. Our consultants are highly experienced at removing all types of tattoo. They have particular expertise in the sensitive removal of facial tattoos including eyebrow tattoo removal and scalp pigmentation removal. These removals require far greater knowledge and skill than your average tattoo so may other clinics do not the capability to offer these services. Tattoo Removal Cost

Affordable Tattoo Removal Cost

The technology we use is the Medlite C6 a powerful q switched Nd-yag laser which produces excellent results on all skin types. This laser is tried and tested, its trusted to produce fantastic results on the face so you can be confident in the quality of treatment you will receive.

The Tattoo Removal Experts clinic is open Tuesday, Thursday, Friday from 8am to 8pm and Sunday from 8am to 5pm. We are 100m from Chiswick Park tube station which is on District Line and opposite a large Sainsburys car park if you are driving.

To book an appointment, to receive an accurate quotation or to get the best cost or even just for further information call 020 8419 8124