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Typical Examples of Tattoo Removal Before and After at The Tattoo Removal Experts

The examples below do not reveal 100% removal but show what you can typically expect when we remove your tattoo. Whilst a lot of tattoos will completely remove there is always the liklihood that small elements of ink can remain, however as with these examples nobody will be aware that a tattoo was ever there.

tattoo removal before and after for fading cover ups

This example shows a Lion’s Head tattoo on a client’s back. As is quite usual the client had the tattoo re-inked a few years after it was originally done. This meant that there were two different layers of black ink to remove, which can take extra treatments. The client had eleven treatments.

before and after laser removalThe only ink remaining is the lion’s eye, this was white ink that turned grey when hit by the laser, with a few more treatments this would disappear however the client was happy with the results and didnt want further treatments for such a small area.

The lightness of the skin highlighting where the ink was is NOT scarring, sometimes when skin is treated a number of times it removes some of the skin’s pigmentation, over a number of months the pigmentation will return and nobody would be aware that this client had ever had a tattoo.

before and after eyebrow tattoo removal

Tattoo Removal Cost

The pictures above show the removal of a wrist tattoo comprising of black and red ink. This client had nine treatments. If you look closely you can see some blemishes of black ink but nobody would be aware that this client had ever had a tattoo. Tattoo Removal Before and After Pictures by Tattoo Removal Experts London.

Scalp Pigmentation Removal

I wore a short sleeved shirt for the first time in 25 years…

Stephen - Guildford
chris gill
chris gill
18:40 04 Nov 16
I've used other laser tattoo removal companies in the past. The prices and services here exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend to anyone looking to remove a more
Jack Mulholland
Jack Mulholland
16:30 18 Aug 16
I highly recommend Richard. After one session my tattoo (black ink) has faded significantly and in a few small patches, has virtually gone. The procedure is completed very quickly so I was in and out in about 20 minutes. I will be booking my second session more
Alexandra C
Alexandra C
12:01 10 Jun 13
I just had my 5th treatment yesterday on 2 fairly large tattoos (one on my ankle, one on my back - both multi coloured) and am very pleased with the results thus far. I did lots of research before speaking to Tattoo Removal Experts and once I saw that they had the best laser on the market, I knew I had to have a consultation. I was then really pleased at the price offered as it was much more reasonable that other high street places I had visited, which had much older laser technology. Appointment times are great because I can go on Sundays, and the service is impeccable - friendly and professional and always very careful. No bleeding or scarring and they are really fading! Would recommend to anyone who wants to remove a tattoo/sread more
Mark Struder
Mark Struder
20:30 11 Feb 13
Recommended by a friend. I had a small tattoo on my leg that I had done when I was younger and foolish. I wasn't sure what the results would be like once they attempted to remove it but sure enough it's gone and looks more
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