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Why we started tattoo removals

About 10 years ago my sixteen years old daughter came home with a tattoo of a fighting fish on her hip. It was about 9 inches in length and fortunately, only the outline had been completed. Her mother was not impressed and even my daughter really didn’t like it. This was the day that tattoo removal became part of of our lives.

Treatment Choices

We immediately started to research how we could safely remove this tattoo. There were various treatments on offer but in those days the information on the internet was far less authoritative. It became clear to us that laser was the way forward. The non laser options appeared to be far more likely to damage the skin. So the decision was made to find the best laser tattoo removal company to remove our daughters tattoo.

The options were limited and we had consultations at a number of clinics. Not withstanding that the lasers were of poor quality and old, these clinics charged exorbitant fees normally per square inch. They got away with it due to the public’s lack of knowledge, and there being very little competition.

‘The Tattoo Removal Experts’ was born

We saw an opportunity, rather than risk our daughters skin with one of these clinics we decided to open our own tattoo removal business. Our research found the top clinics at the time were based in America. They used the best up to date lasers and produced the best results. Using this knowledge we went into business and ‘The Tattoo Removal Experts’ was born.

Our mission was then to offer the best tattoo removal treatments at an affordable price and it still holds true today.

Experienced consultants, at the lowest prices

Use our services today, and you will receive treatments using the Cynosure Picosure laser from the most experienced consultants, at the lowest prices available in London.

Richard Fullam – Director, Tattoo Removal Experts

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