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Experience matters

The Tattoo Removal Experts are one of the busiest laser tattoo removal London clinics in the UK. Our consultants have performed thousands of treatments since opening in 2010. Being fully trained to perform tattoo removal is crucial, however, it is the knowledge you gain from performing large numbers of laser tattoo removal treatments that makes all the difference. The true understanding of the best laser parameters to set for particular tattoo removal is not learned in a training course; they are learned from years of experience performing tattoo removal treatments.

When you book an appointment at the Tattoo Removal Experts, you will always be seen by a highly experienced consultant who will always ensure you receive the best and importantly most effective treatments possible.

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Technology matters

If you are looking for laser tattoo removal, London has hundreds of operators to choose from. They all claim they have the best tattoo removal London can offer. But the reality is only a few clinics have the very best technology. It is possible to purchase a laser from China for as little as £1000 and open a tattoo removal business; but these lasers can seriously damage your skin and certainly won’t remove your tattoo. To put things in perspective, the Candela Picoway laser which the Tattoo Removal Experts use costs £130,000. This laser will remove your tattoo quicker and more effectively, providing you with the end result you are looking for.

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Why we chose the Candela Picoway

Our business mission is to provide the best treatments at the best prices so having the leading technology is of paramount importance. The process to select a laser took over a year, we had the choice of every laser available worldwide, and wanted to ensure the decision was correct. We spoke to manufacturers and most importantly to our industry contacts, (we know the largest clinic chains in the world), looking closely at the quality of results.

The clear winner was the Candela Picoway, fantastic at removing all colour inks but especially excellent at removing black ink. Because of the exhaustive process we went through we are confident that when you visit The Tattoo Removal Experts you will always get the best quality treatments.

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We calculate our prices differently

A lot of the big clinics in London will price the tattoo removal treatment price strictly by the length. So even if the tattoo is long and very thin, you are charged the same as a tattoo that is considerably wider. The Tattoo Removal Experts price every tattoo individually ensuring you get fantastic value for money.

We offer discounts for multiple tattoos

If you have more than one tattoo, call the Tattoo Removal Experts, because we can save you a lot of time money! We offer unbeatable savings when you remove multiple tattoos in one session. Some of our clients remove up to 10 tattoos every time they come in. This not only saves them money but means they need far fewer visits to the clinic.

Our prices are always lower

At The Tattoo Removal Experts, we always monitor the prices of our competitors. This enables us to always quote our customers with the best deals in London. You really do not need to ring around to get the best price, just call us first!

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We give accurate quotations over the phone

A lot of people believe that they can’t afford tattoo removal. Well, with just one phone call they can discover the cost for their tattoo. Other clinics will insist you come in for a consultation before giving a treatment cost then give you a hard sell. With us just a call will do.

Contact the Picoway tattoo removal London experts today

If you have any questions regarding any aspect of laser tattoo removal, please call or email us. We are always happy to share our knowledge, and a consultant will make themselves available to talk to you.

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Tam K
Tam K
Richard is a true professional, my sister and I are very happy to have found someone who is an expert in tattoo removal, and the cynosure laser has made a marked difference in just one session. He uses cooling air at the same time which makes the lasering so much more bearable. Thanks Richard, looking forward to the next session in a couple of months!
Have been coming here for years! It's a difficult tattoo removal (brown skin) but Richard has been a treat and kind without judgement! Of course it takes time and patience and I've been facilitated with on the day appointments too. Trust the good reviews, he is what they all say he is (the negative ones read them for epic replies from Richard 😁). I'm glad to have trusted the service. I'm still a long way from getting mine almost wiped out but I'm confident on the choice I've made.
Dean Roberts
Dean Roberts
I had a tattoo on my neck removed by this company 10 years ago and within 6/7 sessions it has more or less completely gone. I was just thinking about booking a final appointment to remove what’s left and wanted to write a review. Fantastic equipment and amazing results!
Natalia P
Natalia P
Very happy after my first session ☺️
Lily Alemany
Lily Alemany
I have been trusting Richard to remove my tattoo for over a year now, and I can totally recommend him. He is really professional and trustworthy, and I am seeing fast results!
Ainslie Spencer
Ainslie Spencer
Adding to ALL of the 5 star reviews as they are very much deserved. The low star ratings are honestly laughable (seriously, a lack of reply because he missed your email...you should try working in the corporate world). I have had 4 sessions of laser tattoo removal from Richard over the past 6- 8 months and he has been nothing but a true professional. Explaining the process, setting realistic expectations (which includes how much it will hurt lol) and accurate timelines. I have quite a large tattoo covering the entire side of my calf muscle and after 4 sessions it is noticeably fading. The studio is clean, Richard is always on time and I cannot recommend him highly enough.
Yasmin K
Yasmin K
I was recommended this clinic to get some microblading removed and was advised by Richard that it likely wouldn’t be worth it, because the pigment that was used would probably turn a dark grey and require 6+ sessions to get anywhere with it. He had already identified that this would probably be the case when I had sent pictures in originally and confirmed it in person. Was extremely pleased and impressed with the level of professionalism, expertise and honesty. The clinic is also well located, really nice and very clean. Would not hesitate to recommend this business to others, even though I did not receive treatment in the end. It is clear you would be in very safe hands.
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