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Laser Hair Removal Experts

We understand, laser hair removal is a results business, its only when we successfully remove a clients unwanted hair that they will be truly happy with the service. This is why, the fact that the majority of our new business is generated through recommendations is highly significant.

A large number of our clients come to us having experienced unsatisfactory hair removal service from other clinics. In these situations we always confident that with our knowledge and experience we can produce the results the customer is looking for.

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Cynosure Elite Workstation

One of the main reasons for poor results is the use of inadequate technology. In recent years the market has been flooded with cheaply produced lasers from China, these machines can look similar to professional lasers but are not effective at permanently removing hair. Then there are IPL machines, these are not lasers and after many treatments can appear to have removed hair only for it to return months later. We use the Cynosure Elite workstation for hair removal, this award winning laser is incredibly effective at permanently removing hair. It has two wavelengths, Nd-yag for darker skin tones and the alexandrite for lighter skin tones. This laser is unlike the under powered supposed ‘pain free’ lasers on the market using all its power to give the best permanent removal.

Fully Authorised VTCT Training Centre

The next biggest cause for poor results is the knowledge of the practitioner. Many operators do not fully understand how to use the fluency, pulse width and spot size to produce the best results. We are a fully authorised VTCT training centre that teaches laser hair removal so you can always be confident of the quality of treatment you receive from us.

Laser Hair Removal Chiswick, London, Specialise

We specialise in laser hair removal on Asian and Black skin. Treatments on darker skin tones crucially need the correct type of laser coupled with optimum laser settings. For these treatments you need the knowledge and experience we offer. A large percentage of our business is ladies full body treatments at our special offer price of £300.


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