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Eyebrow Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal Experts specialise using laser technology. Over the years we have treated hundreds of clients and gained unrivalled experience in the industry for this particular service.

With the tattooed area being in such a sensitive area it is absolutely crucial that a highly experienced consultant advises and undertakes the treatment. Without the correct knowhow one badly executed treatment could permanently damage the skin on your face.

The type of laser is of critical importance

eyebrow removalFor Eyebrow Removal, the laser used is very important, due to the different reactions they have with the skin. Some lasers are considered acceptable for a treatment on a shoulder or a back but are far too harsh for treatment on a face. The best lasers can deliver the power using a larger spot size for deeper penetration ensuring all the ink is removed, not just the top layer. They have better beam profiles and even distribution of energy covering the spot ensuring there is least risk to the skin and no bleeding. The lasers The Tattoo Removal Experts use are the Cynosure Medlite C6, we are confident that there are not better lasers available for this particular treatment.

Who can we treat

We can treat all eyebrows tattooed with black ink. Due to the reaction of other colour inks used for this process we would have to carefully test before any full treatment. Most brown inks can not be treated as the ink can turn grey/black when treated with laser, however sometimes over time the brown inks can turn grey in the skin and can then be removed successfully. If you are unsure whether the ink in your tattoo is suitable for treatment call 020 8419 8124 to speak to one of our consultants.

Full or part eyebrow tattoo removal

Not all our clients require full removal, we are experienced in removing parts of the ink, for example if the inked area is too close the nose. When removing part of a tattooed eyebrow once the treatments are finished the client would need to have the edges re-inked to give a sharp line.

How many treatments?

Every tattoo is different so it is impossible to accurately predict how many treatments will be needed. Some clients only require one treatment whereas certain stubborn tattooed eyebrows can take over ten treatments. We always strive to give the best treatments ensuring you always get the best results.

Call 020 8419 8124 for further information on this procedure.

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